Bad weather procedure

During periods of severe weather, there may be school closures or disruption to your child’s home to school transport. This website will have details of school closures on the front page.

In extreme weather, Northumberland East Sixth Form (Ashington Academy and/or Bedlington Academy) may have to close or your child may be sent home early. To prepare for school closures, our recommendations are as follows:

  1. Make arrangements with a relative or close friend to care for your child until you return home.
  2. Inform the school and transport provider of these arrangements as it may be necessary for your child to seek alternative transportation from school.
  3. Make sure that school has an emergency contact telephone number for you.

Other things to consider:

Dress code: It is important that you make sure your child is warmly dressed in case the school transport is running late or the journey is very slow.

Waiting time: In periods of severe weather, a child should wait 30 minutes after their normal pick up time for school transport. After 30 minutes it is advisable for the child to return home.

Communication: It is important that the school is informed that your child has returned home after waiting 30 minutes for the transport to arrive. Make sure you have your transport providers contact details and that they have an emergency contact number for you.

Responsibility: If you take your child to school in the morning it is your responsibility to collect them in the afternoon.