Further mathematics

The content of the course is varied and challenging and as the content becomes more advanced, the ways it can be applied to real-life situations become more apparent which always makes the subject more interesting.

Why study further mathematics?

Further mathematics allows students with a passion for mathematics to broaden and deepen their knowledge in equal measure. We get to cover topics which are brand new to students and have interesting uses in industry. For example, complex numbers are precursors to objects in computing that allow game developers to keep track of the player in 3D environments, while volumes of revolution are used frequently in product design. Moreover, students looking to study mathematics beyond KS5 will find further mathematics provides an excellent stepping-stone to university mathematics courses. Some universities may give reduced offers for students with further maths.


AS & A level Further Mathematics

Awarding body


Entry requirements

Students who study further maths must also complete the A level course in mathematics and meet those entry requirements.

Year 12

Pure Mathematics (compulsory): In this module, students will revisit some topics from Higher GCSE and Year 12 A Level Maths and take those concepts even further, such as proof, polynomials and calculus. In addition, students will also encounter aspects of mathematics that will be brand new to them, such as complex numbers and matrices.

Year 13

In Year 13 we study two optional modules  which suit the students needs. The options we choose from are decision mathematics, further mechanics, further statistics and further pure mechanics.


Students are assessed entirely through examination at the end of Year 13 by two examinations each lasting 1 hour 40 minutes. One exam assesses content learned in the compulsory Pure Mathematics module, while the other assesses content from both optional modules. The options assessment is split into two sections, with each option chosen being assessed in its own section.