To apply to NE6 please follow three simple steps:

  1. Research your course choices through our prospectus or curriculum pages.
  2. Complete the application form below.
  3. Return to [email protected] or [email protected]

The courses you apply for in sixth form are an important part of your education and career path. Please begin by considering carefully the courses which are right for you and if you are unsure about your likely GCSE results, talk to us so we can help you to decide the most suitable route.

Dates for Sixth Form applications

  • Our applications open from 13th November 2023

  • Initial applications – The deadline for initial applications is 19th January 2024

  • Interviews to follow in February and March 2024

  • Offer letters will be issued in March 2024

  • Induction event in June 2024

To apply after March 2024, please contact us directly for an initial discussion. 


General entry requirements to access NE6

  • A Grade 5 or above in at least five separate subject areas
  • A Grade 4 or above in English language and maths.
  • Proven good behaviour and attendance

A level entry requirements

  • A Grade 6 or above in that subject at GCSE.
  • Please note, for science subjects your grade in maths will also be considered.
  • Where an A level subject was not on offer at GCSE, similar GCSE subjects will be considered.

BTEC entry requirements

  • A Grade 5 or above in that subject at GCSE
  • A Merit or above in that subject at Level 2 BTEC



There are several potential pathways to choose from:  

  • Three A levels  
  • Two A levels and one BTEC qualification  
  • One A level and two BTEC courses  
  • Three BTEC courses  

Once the option blocks are finalised you will need to select one A level or BTEC option only from three of the four available blocks.  

Courses will run subject to the required number of students enrolling, staffing provisions and exam board approval. Courses will only run if there are viable numbers.  

The completed options form will be checked to ensure that your child has chosen a balanced range of subjects, allowing them access to as wide a range of careers as possible in the future.  

We will do our very best to accommodate your child's choices but it will be necessary for reserve choices to be made. Therefore, your child should choose their reserve choices carefully. We are offering a wide range of courses, but may not be able to run them all. 

To apply after March 2024, please contact us directly for an initial discussion.

If you have any questions about the admissions process or your options for applying to the sixth form at Bedlington Academy, please contact Mr Michael Laidlaw, Head of Sixth Form. At Ashington Academy, please contact Ms Sue Bell.

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