English language

English language

Deciding to study English language at A level allows students to be equipped with valuable transferable skills such as; critical thinking, analytical skills, essay writing and research skills.

Studying for a qualification in this subject also heightens a person’s attention to detail which can help study across a range of subjects. Having sound working knowledge in this area can open pathways to many different careers, from writing to teaching, speech therapy or perhaps even journalism. By looking at a range of text and data-based sources of language, students are allowed to explore English in varying forms and contexts which provides variety and adventure throughout the course. 

Why study English language?

Studying English language at A level provides students with the opportunity to develop their creative writing skills whilst also investigating why certain features of language exist. The context covered is a relevant and up-to-date reflection of contemporary language study, exploring ways in which language can be manipulated, as well as considering how people adapt their language according to whom they are speaking. This course can open many doors for students wishing to go on to study English Language in more depth.


A level English Language

Awarding body


Entry requirements

Pass in English and maths, 5 or more grades at 5+ (this can include English and maths), grade 6 or higher in English Language.

Year 12

  • An introduction to linguistic terminology
  • An introduction to how writer’s create meaning and representations.
  • Language and gender
  • Language discourse
  • Accent and dialect
  • Language and occupation
  • Language and age
  • Language change over time
  • Writing for different purposes including storytelling, to inform, to persuade etc.


Year 13

  • Child language acquisition – spoken language
  • Child language acquisition –written language
  • Independent investigations
  • Language diversity and varieties
  • Retrieval, revision and consolidation of Year 12 topics
  • Exam preparation


This course will be assessed by a combination of written examination papers and coursework. Students will be expected to complete their own original writing as well as undertaking a language investigation on an area of their own personal interest.


Choosing English language at A level has given me a fascinating insight into how language is used in a variety of contexts, which will benefit me in my future career path.
Year 13 student