Health and social care

Health and social care

Health and social care allows students to consider how people grow and develop, the different types of care available to meet their needs and how they can access these successfully.

The broad range of information covered means that, in every lesson, students will gain new insight. Undertaking a qualification in health and social care opens many doors, both for university or college courses and within many future careers. Students with a passion for the subject who go on to further studies in this subject can look towards jobs in the clinical, care and wellbeing sectors as well as many more. 

Why study health and social care?

Health and social care will give students an introduction to the biggest employment sector in the UK. The course covers a range of traditional and contemporary issues that influence the way we develop and the care we receive to meet our needs. There are very good opportunities to develop critical thinking, analytical and evaluative skills whilst studying the course. 


BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Health and Social Care

Awarding body


Entry requirements

Pass in English and maths, 5 or more grades at 5+ (this can include English and maths), if Health and Social has been studied at KS4 a merit or grade 5 is required.

Year 12

Students will study the human lifespan development, learning about human growth and development, theories and models to explain behaviour and the interaction between the physical and psychological factors of the ageing process. Throughout the year students will also investigate psychological perspectives and create portfolios of evidence.

Year 13

In Year 13, students investigate the range of roles within the health and social care settings. They will also investigate how to meet individual care and support needs and will create portfolios of evidence to demonstrate their knowledge of the values and principles of meeting care and support needs and ethical issues that arise when personalising care.


This qualification is assessed by a range of examinations (externally assessed) and set tasks(internally assessed).  

Studying health and social care has taught me about different skills and how they can be applied in a professional care setting. I have also enjoyed the coursework and freedom it gives me to research and make links between different topics.
Year 13 student