Virtual open evening

Welcome to Northumberland East Sixth Form, affectionately known as NE6. Unfortunately, you are unable to visit our sixth form for our annual open evening this year, so we are bringing our teachers to you!

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On this page, you can take a virtual tour of our sixth form, virtually 'meet' some staff members and find lots of information about student life here at NE6.

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How many subjects can I study?

You must study three subjects to enrol at NE6 and the vast majority of our students choose to only study three, however, some students do choose to study four subjects if they are very passionate about something.

What if I don't know which subjects to pick?

We recommend you pick subjects that you achieve well in and that you enjoy. Studying a subject in sixth form is more challenging than GCSE so you will have to work hard at it.

Will I get the same teacher as I got at GCSE?

The timetable changes each year, so we can't confirm which teacher you will get. NE6 is taught across Ashington and Bedlington Academy so it is likely you will have some new teachers. We would not suggest you choose a subject based solely on the teacher and all our teachers are experts in their subject so there is no need to worry!

How do I apply?

Complete an application and hand it to Ms Bell, Mr Laidlaw, or reception by 29th January 2021. We will then be carrying out interviews in February and March before offering provisional places. You can only officially enrol in the summer once you have received your GCSE results.

What if I am not sure if I want to apply here or somewhere else?

We would recommend that you do put in an application in case you decide to choose NE6. If you don't put in an application now, you may not be able to get a place.

What is different about Sixth Form study?

At sixth form you are expected to work a lot more independently, you usually have three subjects to study and each of those has 4 hours of teaching a week. That means about half of the week will be study periods that you must organise yourself. The work covered in class is more challenging at GCSE and you will need to work outside of class to consolidate your learning and develop independent learning skills.

The relationship between teacher and student is different too, teachers absolutely expect you to work hard and engage in their lessons but it is a much more informal relationship and you are treated like a young adult. 

What else will I do as well as my subjects?

You will also take part in tutor group activities and PSHE on a regular basis as well as taking part in our Careers Programme, Active Citizenship award and Life Skills Programme to prepare you for life after Sixth Form.

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